Yoga & more

in the Roses.

What to bring:

Yoga Mat




I panicked when my waistline increased by an inch shortly after turning 40. CRS Goal Fitness got me back on track. We fine tuned my portions and swapped out some of my unnecessary daily “health” snacks.

~ Elana M.

Mama Bear Cristy- I love how honest you are about life, kids, fitness, everything! You always speak from your heart and sometimes being that honest is hard. It is sometimes difficult for us to admit we fell down, or did not eat right that day (or week), or that we as parents made a mistake about some aspect of parenthood. You have always been honest with us about everything. I will always admire you for that!

​~ Delia B.

I’m forever grateful for a sweet friend who added me to this group, knowing I’m passionate about health and fitness. Cristy is a legit motivation in the morning. I love her helpful exercise tips and her nutrition Insights. They’re things I think about later that help me make better choices throughout my day, and that I like to share with others as well!!

Thanks Cristy, your CRS Goal Fitness is awesome!

~ Cinda V.


Sunday July 23rd, 2023 @8am-9:30am

"Yoga & More in the Roses" @ Rose Haven Heritage Garden

30592 Jedediah Smith Rd. Temecula, CA. 92592

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